Energy Efficiency

FPL is a nationally recognized leader in successful demand-side management (DSM) programs. We focus on cost-effective conservation and energy-efficiency programs that help keep our customers’ rates low.

Today, FPL administers the second-largest set of energy conservation programs among utilities nationwide and is a leader in demand-side management (DSM) programs. Over the years, we’ve built one of the largest and most successful DSM programs in the nation, and we remain committed to continuing to provide a variety of cost-effective DSM programs to our more than 4.8 million customers.

FPL has sought out and implemented cost-effective DSM programs since 1978. These programs include a number of conservation/energy efficiency and load management initiatives. Our DSM efforts through 2015 have resulted in a cumulative summer peak reduction of 4,845 MW at the generator and an estimated cumulative energy savings of 74,717 gigawatt-hours (GWh) at the generator. After accounting for reserve margin requirements, our DSM efforts through 2015 have eliminated the need to construct the equivalent of approximately 15 new, 400-MW generating units.

Through 2015, we’ve conducted more than 3.6 million residential home energy surveys and more than 215,000 business energy evaluations resulting in personalized energy efficiency recommendations. We have also provided 1.9 million rebates for high-efficiency residential air conditioning systems and installed upgraded lighting systems for more than 20,000 business customers and air conditioning upgrades for more than 18,500 business customers.

Additionally, more than 800,000 FPL customers are enrolled in our OnCall® Program. Participating customers receive a credit on their monthly bill for allowing us to cycle off customer-selected equipment for short periods of time only when absolutely necessary. This helps control electrical demand during peak periods or emergency situations, while also reducing impacts to the environment and helping to keep all customer bills low.

Additionally, we’re assisting customers in need with energy efficiency improvements to lower their bills.