Employee Engagement

Valuing Employee Engagement

At NextEra Energy, we value employees who are committed to the work we do. After all, it's been shown that when employees are engaged, they not only do their best work and their companies achieve exemplary business performance, but employees feel like they belong and are valued.

As we have regularly surveyed NextEra Energy employees to gain insight into the aspects of engagement that are most important to them, four areas of special focus have emerged: career development, leadership and trust, work-life balance, and rewards and recognition. To address these areas, the company initiated senior executive outreach sessions, a career discovery workshop, an enhanced onboarding experience for new employees, and career mapping to help employees better plan and manage their opportunities for advancement.

In February 2016, all employees were invited to take action in the company’s sixth engagement survey. Ninety percent of employees participated – exceeding our 2014 participation rate by 6 percentage points. Compared to 2014, non-bargaining participation increased 5 percentage points and bargaining participation increased 9 percentage points. We will again conduct an all-employee engagement survey in the first quarter of 2018.

NextEra Energy's overall engagement score for 2016 was 71 percent, compared to 62 percent in 2014. This 9-percentage point increase confirms that engagement is strong at our company. According to Aon Hewitt’s research, the top quartile of high-performing U.S. companies’ engagement scores range from 72 percent to 100 percent. We are now on the cusp of entering top-quartile status.

The work experiences employees are most positive about are safety, diversity and inclusion, performance and their immediate supervisor. At the corporate level, we continue to build management and leadership skills among leaders; focus on safety; improve our performance management systems and skills; and communicate in an open, transparent, relevant and timely manner.

At NextEra Energy, through our engagement strategy we want to attract and retain the right people to achieve our business goals and objectives. We also want to create a culture that fosters the willingness of employees to do their very best work and inspires their commitment to stay at NextEra Energy.