Employee Safety

NextEra Energy's culture

Safety has deep roots in NextEra Energy's culture. We constantly strive to be role models within our industry, and evidence of our ZERO Today! philosophy that all injuries are preventable can be found throughout our company. Since launching ZERO Today! in 2008, we have deepened our commitment to safety by working to turn our vision into a reality for our employees, our suppliers and our communities.

In 2015, we made strong enhancements to our program, heightening our focus on safety at work and at home, and continuing to develop an inclusive safety culture premised on the view that safety is everybody's job. We promote an expectation of safe working practices such as leadership, personal and peer-to-peer accountability for safety, and provide a rich assortment of safety-related training to our employees.

Specific actions to improve our safety performance include:

  • Safety meetings and safety communications educate employees on safety risks, and share best practices for risk mitigation.
  • Employee observation programs identify injury risks in the field, leading to focused injury prevention countermeasures.
  • Our Safety Information Management System captures all information on injury events, unsafe conditions and near misses. This information then drives a heightened level of safety responsibility and prevention among employees, supervisors and managers.
  • Employees at each work location perform baseline hazard assessments to identify risks and mitigation strategies. These routine, periodic assessments and inspections ensure corrective measures are developed for newly identified hazards.
  • We train employees on advanced incident investigation techniques and root cause identification software. The software helps determine employee, management and system failures and then prompts the user to identify and assign appropriate countermeasures to address the risks.
  • We have long established safety committees made up of both bargaining and non-bargaining employees as well as an Executive Safety Council to review and address our work-related injury risks.
  • All non-bargaining employees are asked to include at least one safety goal as part of their annual performance objectives.
  • We train our employees on “Peer- to- Peer” Coaching to successfully address unsafe behaviors before an injury event or near-miss occurs.
  • Numerous NextEra Energy locations participate in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Currently, 27 of our work locations have received an inspection from OSHA and recognition as a VPP Star Site.

Unfortunately, tragedies still happen. In January, we lost two FPL employees while on the job. The deaths of Line workers Chris Garcia and Nick Pflaum were met with shock and sadness throughout our NextEra Energy family. Both men were experienced transmission group employees who worked with the company for many years. We will always remember Chris and Nick and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with their families.

This heartbreaking event has strengthened our employees’ commitment to safety, not only in the field, but also in our office settings and at home, where we’ve seen a slight increase in injuries. Moving forward, we are strengthening our awareness of safety at home among our employees and their families and encouraging employees to practice safety through better habits, such as not walking or driving distracted.

Mark Morgan, senior manager, corporate safety and workers' compensation

At NextEra Energy, safety is a core value; it's what we stand for. It’s a demonstrated commitment to safety by our leadership at all levels of the organization. It's about looking after each other and taking the time to be careful, every day.

-Mark Morgan, senior manager, corporate safety and workers' compensation




Strategy in Motion - Safety in Collective Bargaining Agreements and Supplier Contracts

At NextEra Energy, our safety focus permeates all 11 collective bargaining agreements within our family of companies. Specific provisions address safety equipment, hazardous working conditions, and joint company-union involvement in the development of safety standards. For example, the agreement between FPL and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers System Council U-4 has a detailed company-union program including Local Joint Safety Advisory Committees, Business Unit Joint Safety Committees and a Corporate Joint Safety Committee. It also includes a comprehensive program for serious incident investigations using a specially trained union-management team.

We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment, including using suppliers with a demonstrated commitment to safety. In general, suppliers who have a presence on company premises of 30 or more cumulative person-days within 12 months are required to comply with the requirements of NextEra Energy's Supplier Safe and Secure Workplace policy whereby suppliers are expected to demonstrate an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for safety purposes that's equal to or better than average for their industry. An EMR is a ratio that indicates how a company's Workers' Compensation losses compare to those of other companies with similar classifications. We maintain specific guidelines for the implementation of these goals and invoke them as requirements within contractual agreements with our suppliers.