We Respect Our Environment


  1. NextEra Energy achieved its lowest-ever emissions rates of SO2, NOx and CO2 in 2016 – rates that were 94-, 74- and 53-percent lower, respectively, than the average U.S. utility sector.
  2. We continue to be the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and the sun.
  3. Nearly 99 percent of the water we use is returned to its original source.
  4. We are committed to interacting with nature in a positive manner and have developed wildlife programs to protect a number of species and their habitats.

Environmental Stewardship

At NextEra Energy, we're committed to being an industry leader in environmental protection and stewardship. Our Environmental Policy establishes our core environmental expectations and provides actionable guidance for all employees as we strive to foster a culture of environmental excellence and challenge ourselves to continuously improve. Everyone at NextEra Energy understands that protecting the environment is a collective responsibility. It's why our senior executives are actively involved in our environmental accountability, management and stewardship programs that are intended to:

  • Design, construct, operate and maintain our facilities in an environmentally sound and responsible manner;
  • Prevent pollution, minimize waste and conserve natural resources;
  • Avoid, minimize and/or mitigate impacts to habitat and wildlife; and
  • Engage local stakeholders and environmental agencies.