Remote Access Solution

The new NextEra Remote Access solution being deployed offers additional security functionality. New information Security requirements require that a user's remote device (Laptop/Desktop) be scanned to minimize the risk of that device corrupting the NextEra network.

Here's what you need to know:
  • Your device will be scanned if you are attempting to connect to the new NextEra Remote Access or My Portal at Home.
  • Your device will be scanned before you are given remote access to the corporate network via NextEra Remote Access or My Portal at Home.
  • To ensure your device meets minimum Information Security requirements, it will be scanned for antivirus, spyware, and a personal firewall before you sign in.
  • This scan may take several minutes to complete. You will see a progress bar while the device is being scanned and will receive a message once the scan has completed.
  • Please do not close the Endpoint Scanning window or browse to another web page during the scan so that the process is not cancelled.
  • Once the scan has completed, you will be able to sign in and connect as normal.
To download NextEra Remote Access on a personal computer, access the appropriate link below.
If you have any questions regarding Endpoint Scanning, please contact the IMSC at 305-552-4357.