Remote access via Connect Anywhere

The company’s simplified remote access solution for corporate-issued laptops is Connect Anywhere. With remote access, you can use your corporate laptop to log in to the NextEra Energy network when away from the office, at home or when traveling. You will have the same access you have when you are at any of NextEra Energy’s office locations. 

How it works: 
When you are at home or on the go: 

  • Turn on your corporate laptop and connect to the internet.
    • If you're not sure how to connect to the internet, look for an icon similar to thison your screen. On Windows devices, this is usually in the bottom right corner of your taskbar; on Mac devices, this is usually in the upper right corner. Clicking this icon will allow you to select the WiFi signal you'd like to use and connect to it.
  • If you have not already done so, accept the security certificate to connect to the corporate network, if prompted.
  • Access any of the commonly used applications: 
    • Outlook
    • Skype for Business/Lync
    • Confluence
    • Documentum
    • SAP
    • Cisco ISE
    • Shared network drives
  • Access all other applications by visiting the Connect Anywhere Portal and log in using your SLID and password. Log in to the portal every 12 hours to stay connected.

With this solution, you will no longer need to authenticate through RSA SecurID 2Factor hard or soft tokens to remotely connect to the network. Once connected to the internet, your computer will automatically connect to the corporate network.

Connect Anywhere is the primary resource for remote access. If you do not have a company-issued device, please use a 2Factor Secure Token to access the corporate network remotely. If needed, review this step-by-step guide on how to connect remotely.

Additional resources:


Once you're connected to the corporate network, review the IT resources to help you work remotely page on eWeb to learn more about helpful tools you can use when working from home.


Remote access via 2Factor Secure Token

For security purposes, you will need to enter two pieces of identification: your SLID and a unique security passcode.

The security passcode is a combination of your PIN, which you choose, and never changes, followed immediately by a code displayed on the 2Factor Secure hardware or software token, which changes frequently.

Request, activate or replace your 2Factor Token at

Select which token to request:

  • Software-based 'soft' token
    This is the company standard and you should choose this method if you only need the token for Remote Access.

    Learn how
    to activate a soft token on an iOS or Android device. If you have a Windows or Blackberry device, please contact the IT Support Center.

  • Hardware-based 'hard' token
    If you need a 2Factor Token for VPN, please request a hard token at

    After you have received the hard token device, follow these instructions to activate it.


Once your 2Factor Token is activated, launch Remote Access using these instructions:


Review the policy.