Stay Informed

Because storm paths may be uncertain and communications limited during and after a storm, FPL employee-related information will be available through various internal and external channels.

  • Weekly News
    News and updates about the storm released via fax, email and eWeb, as the situation warrants
  • eWeb/storm
    Important phone numbers, storm news and updates and links to outside resources.
    Facility information, emergency messages, storm updates, post-storm reporting instructions
  • Emergency Information Line (1-866-375-9191)
    Call for facility information, emergency messages, post-storm reporting instructions
  • Business unit storm lines
    Many business units and departments have dedicated phone numbers that provide job-specific instructions.
    Employee Services (1-800-610-8999, option 6) or
    Depending on the storm impact and severity, Employee Services may be available to you and your family.