Storing Energy

green hydrogen

We’re pioneering innovation on green hydrogen — the critical solution needed for the deep decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors across industry, transport, power and buildings.


NEE Babcock Solar Battery

As the nation's leader in energy storage, we're not only capturing energy from the wind and sun, we're storing it. We're ensuring Americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it.

Babcock Ranch solar storage

We have the largest amount of operational storage in the U.S., and we're continuing to lead the industry with innovations such as our Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center - the largest combined solar-plus-storage facility in the country.

energy storage

Energy storage benefits the power grid by balancing its load and responding to demand quickly. With more than 140 MW of storage capacity, we can store when energy demand is low and supply when energy demand is high.


Harnessing the Wind


Our wind energy capacity has nearly tripled over the past decade.


We own and operate nearly 15,000 megawatts of wind energy.


In 2018, we had wind facilities located in 19 states and 4 provinces in Canada.


From 2019-2022, we expect to bring online an additional 5,000 to 7,800 megawatts of clean, emissions-free wind energy.

Capturing the Sun

NextEra Energy workers in solar farm

In 2018, we were one of the leading operators of renewable energy from the sun, producing solar energy in 22 states.

From 2019-2030, FPL, a NextEra Energy subsidiary, plans to install more than 30 million solar panels – resulting in more than 10,000 new megawatts of solar in Florida.

From 2019-2022, NextEra Energy Resources, a NextEra Energy subsidiary, expects to bring online an additional 3,800 to 7,300 megawatts of clean, emissions-free solar energy.