How We're Improving our Safety Performance

  • We educate employees on safety risks through meetings and communications, and we share best practices for risk mitigation.
  • We encourage employee observation programs to identify injury risks in the field, leading to focused injury-prevention countermeasures.
  • Our Safety Activity Management system captures all information on injury events, unsafe conditions and near-misses. This information then drives a heightened level of safety responsibility and prevention among employees, supervisors and managers.
  • We perform baseline hazard assessments at each work location to identify risks and mitigation strategies. These routine, periodic assessments and inspections ensure corrective measures are developed for newly identified hazards.
  • We train employees on advanced incident investigation techniques and root cause identification software. The software helps determine employee, management and system failures and then prompts the user to identify and assign appropriate countermeasures to address the risks.
  • We benefit from safety committees made up of both bargaining and nonbargaining employees as well as an Executive Safety Council that review and address our work-related injury risks.
  • We require all nonbargaining employees to include at least one safety goal as part of their annual performance objectives.
  • We train our employees on peer-to-peer coaching to successfully address unsafe behaviors before an injury event or near-miss occurs.
  • Numerous NextEra Energy locations participate in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Currently, 28 of our work locations have received an inspection from OSHA and recognition as a VPP Star Site.