Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage

Today's power infrastructure must balance electricity supply and demand instantaneously, while accounting for the intermittency of renewable energy. Consumers are also looking for energy services and products that provide flexibility and value in the areas of renewable energy, grid reliability and peaking power. Our battery energy storage technologies help customers meet these challenges.

Our team of specialists has spent years researching energy storage technologies, applications and uses.

At the end of 2016, we had approximately 90 MW of battery energy storage systems in operation, including facilities in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Battery energy storage projects are also under development in Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Texas and Ontario, Canada.

We are positioned to become a leader in energy storage because we have the expertise, scale and scope of services.

Spotlight: The New World of Energy Storage

Our largest battery energy storage facility in operation today is the 20-MW Lee/DeKalb Battery Energy Storage System in Illinois with 170,000 cells in nearly 3,000 batteries. The facility stores energy from the power grid in the batteries and dispatches the stored energy when required by the operator of the electric grid.

Other recent battery energy storage additions include:

  • Approximately 18 MW of behind-the-meter (BTM) energy storage in California involving 15 locations and five customers. BTM systems are located on a customer’s property and produce power intended for on-site use;
  • Our 16-MW Casco Bay site in Maine;
  • Our 10-MW Pima facility in Arizona; and
  • More than 3 MW at six different sites in South Florida.