At NextEra Energy, our nuclear power plant fleet provides the equivalent of more than 5 million homes with clean, safe, reliable electricity. Our priority in everything we do is to protect the health and safety of the communities in which our facilities are located. This includes protecting the environment around our power plants, which generate emissions-free electricity 24/7.

We have nuclear plants in Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. These eight operating units avoid more than 25 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, which is equivalent to removing more than 5 million cars from the road annually.

We have a strong nuclear safety program that includes:

  • Robust plant design and construction;
  • Highly experienced and well-trained personnel;
  • Stringent plant security;
  • Comprehensive safety planning; and
  • A commitment to meet or exceed all federal, state and local regulations.

In addition, our nuclear fleet significantly benefits the economies of the communities and states in which they operate. Each site employs approximately 600 full-time, highly trained employees during regular operations and adds around 1,000 skilled contractors during scheduled refueling outages, which take place every 18-24 months. These jobs have an economic impact that cumulatively totals in the billions of dollars each year in addition to the plants themselves generating significant tax revenues that help to fund schools and critical municipal activities.

We're good stewards of the environment. We have in place extensive monitoring programs and we work closely with local, state and federal agencies to be transparent and ensure we comply with all permits and all regulations. We're especially proud of our role in:

  • Rescuing injured sea turtles;
  • Helping the American crocodile population grow enough such that it no longer needs to be listed as an endangered species; and
  • Offering a safe refuge for a variety of wildlife including birds, deer and fox.

We're also continuing our decades-long record of involvement in our local communities. Every year, our company contributes to non-profit organizations and hundreds of our employees:

  • Clean beaches and plant trees;
  • Mentor area students; and
  • Serve on the boards of directors of local nonprofit organizations.

NextEra Energy continues to invest in its nuclear fleet to help ensure that the plants are among the best in the industry and can efficiently and reliably deliver power that customers can count on. Whether helping FPL provide its Florida customers with one of the lowest bills in the state or ensuring that NextEra Energy Resources' utility customers have the power they need to meet demand, the NextEra Energy nuclear fleet is playing a key role in safely providing reliable and emissions-free energy to millions of Americans.

Creating the Option to Build New Nuclear Units

In addition to upgrading existing facilities, FPL is in the process of licensing two new nuclear units, totaling approximately 2,200 MW in capacity, or enough to power approximately 1.3 million homes, at our existing Turkey Point site south of Miami. FPL projects these units will provide the following benefits:

  • Avoid more than 481 million tons of CO2 emissions in its first 60 years of operation, which is the equivalent of removing 91 million cars from the roads each year;
  • Provide more than $170 billion in fuel savings;
  • Use approximately 60 million gallons of reclaimed water each day, which will allow Miami-Dade County to meet half its water reuse goals; and
  • Create 3,600 new construction jobs and about 800 permanent jobs once the new units begin generating power.