NextEra Energy is one of the largest generators from natural gas in the U.S. By transforming older, less-efficient fossil plants into state-of-the-art natural gas facilities, we're saving our customers money, improving reliability and reducing our environmental footprint at the same time.

Altogether, these plants have cut CO2 emissions rates in half and cut overall air emissions rates by more than 90%, when compared to former plant designs. This also means a reduction in our country's use of foreign oil. Our drive to be energy independent has allowed us to reduce foreign oil usage by 98%, making foreign oil a foreign concept. 


Investing in Natural Gas Infrastructure

NextEra Energy began investing in U.S.-produced shale gas production in 2008, and today has $3.6 billion deployed around the country.

NextEra Energy is executing on our plans for significant investments in natural gas pipelines, including:

  • In Texas, the more than 500 miles of NET Midstream pipelines (seven pipelines)
  • In Alabama, the 51-mile Lowman Pipeline, and in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, the approximately 515-mile Sabal Trail Pipeline
  • In West Virginia and Virginia, the 303-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline
  • In Florida, the 169-mile Florida Southeast Connection Pipeline
  • In North Dakota, the Flickertail pipeline