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A Real Plan for Real Zero

A Real Plan for Real Zero

NextEra Energy has a plan to lead the decarbonization of America.

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Net Zero

means reducing carbon emissions
and acquiring traditional offsets or credits.



Real Zero™

means completely eliminating
carbon emissions from our operations. 


Our Plan to reach Real Zero

NextEra Energy is the first company in history committed to moving past net zero all the way to Real Zero, leveraging low-cost renewables to drive energy affordability for customers.

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Decarbonize Ourselves 

Our commitment to reaching Real Zero by no later than 2045 starts with decarbonizing our own operations. We’ve been working toward this goal for decades as an extension of our core values.

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The work we’re doing will drive the decarbonization of the rest of the U.S. power sector—investor-owned utilities (IOUs), municipalities and cooperatives—through continued investments and innovation in wind, solar, storage and green hydrogen projects.

Decarbonize America

NextEra Energy will lead the decarbonization of the U.S. economy – by working to become the preferred partner for customers in every industry, who share our vision of a sustainable, carbon-free future. We’ll use our experts and data analytics to help our commercial and industrial customers to reach their own net zero or Real Zero commitments.



Zero Carbon Blueprint™

NextEra Energy has developed the Zero Carbon Blueprint, a comprehensive carbon emissions reduction plan, to outline the steps it would need to take to achieve its goals and track its progress.

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Walk With Us

This path is not meant to be traveled alone. Real Zero carbon emissions at zero incremental cost. This is our promise to our stakeholders.

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For Investors

NextEra Energy has been an industry leader for 30 years. We have the scale and the expertise to achieve Real Zero. Learn more about our plan to decarbonize the U.S. economy and the market opportunity that comes with it. 

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For C&I Customers

Whatever your emission reduction goals, whether you are a current or a future customer, NextEra Energy has the unmatched expertise to accelerate your success. Learn more about our products and solutions that can help you navigate your journey to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions. 

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For Employees

NextEra Energy has paved the way toward a cleaner energy market for the last three decades, and our commitment to Real Zero is a continuation of our mission and leadership in the industry. Learn how you can join us on the path toward Real Zero.

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Let’s work together

Your clean energy future starts today. All it takes is the right partner and blueprint to follow. 

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