Engaging in Public Policy Development

As a highly regulated business operating in a highly regulated industry, the decisions made by local, state and national public officials have a tremendous impact on our businesses. Accordingly, it is imperative that we engage in public policy discussions, political campaigns and policy advocacy to ensure that key legislators, regulators and policymakers are educated on the many issues that impact our businesses, our customers and our employees. We maintain a rigorous compliance process to ensure that these activities are lawful, properly disclosed and aligned with our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.

NextEra Energy Political Action Committee

The NextEra Energy employees' Political Action Committee (PAC) exists to provide support to candidates who share our company's views on issues that directly impact our businesses, employees, customers and/or shareholders. The PAC operates according to all applicable federal and state laws and is funded entirely by voluntary employee contributions and is used solely to support candidates, PACs and party committees. The PAC is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of employees from various business units of our companies. NextEra Energy also operates a Florida state PAC known as a Committee of Continuous Existence (CCE). The PAC discloses activity to the Federal Election Commission and to the Florida Division of Elections. Questions about the PAC may be directed to NextEra-Energy-PAC@nexteraenergy.com.

Trade Associations

NextEra Energy, Florida Power & Light Company and NextEra Energy Resources belong to several trade associations. These organizations may engage in political activities and may make political contributions. We may not necessarily agree with every contribution made and/or position taken by each association, but we determine if membership in each group furthers the business interests of our company, our customers, our shareholders and/or our employees. We ask each association to provide details regarding the portion of its annual dues that are used for political purposes. Further, each association membership is reviewed and approved by an executive officer of the company.