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Engage directly with our customers and help find innovative solutions to their inquiries.

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The Liaisons

Leading America’s Energy Era requires strong relationships with our customers and community and top-notch systems so that we can continue to deliver first in class service.


What kinds of jobs are available in customer service?

  • Contact center agent, which can handle inbound, outbound, chat and social media customer inquiries
  • Variety of leadership positions with a growth and innovative mindset
  • Customer-facing representatives
  • Business, data and process analysts
  • IT liaisons
  • Software developers


What makes our customer service jobs different than others in the industry?

  • Our company and customer service teams are constantly on the leading edge of change and technology.
  • We encourage our teams to take an active role in determining what the future looks like for our customers.


What does customer service look like for new employees?

  • Energetic, forward-thinking employees that think big and like to challenge the status quo.
  • Employees that enjoy working in teams and have a passion for helping customers.
  • Employees that like to engage with technology to help our teams work smarter, not harder.
  • Employees that can wrangle and transform data into decision-driving insight.
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