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We’re looking for energy visionaries in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering to support projects and operations.

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As the world’s largest utility company, we’re always searching for talented engineers to help us provide America with affordable, reliable and clean electricity in a wide range of fields, including nuclear, power delivery and power generation.

Our engineers will help define the next era of American energy by:

  • Developing and improving processes with the goal of increasing productivity, promoting efficiency in workflow and meeting or exceeding the key operational performance targets.
  • Developing and updating data analysis applications to support predictive monitoring and data analysis of power plants.
  • Working with nuclear reactors, designing specifications for energy efficiency renovations, and testing and controlling water levels at our nuclear plants.
  • Supporting design, operation, maintenance and licensing of nuclear plant reactors.
  • Reviewing technical specifications to define/revise operating models.
  • Designing the energy grid of the future with a hardened infrastructure.
  • Analyzing, troubleshooting and developing innovative solutions for cybersecurity, infrastructure integrity and power generation models.
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